About DCL

DCL Locksmiths & Security began with the coming together of several regionally based locksmith businesses, the oldest of these beginning in 1979.

In 2002, Waramungu Pty Ltd purchased the businesses to create DCL Locksmiths & Security and it has been Aboriginal owned, managed and operated ever since, becoming Supply Nation Certified in 2018. DCL’s services have supplied architectural door hardware and master key systems to projects in construction, government, health, education, mining and commercial in Sydney, Canberra and regional NSW and Victoria. DCL’s capability has grown to include electronic security systems such as CCTV, Electronic Access Control and Alarm Monitoring Systems as well as the supply, installation and commission of automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors.

Today, DCL have established themselves in Sydney and the ACT with sales offices in Chatswood and the Brindabella Business Park. With a workshop and warehouse in Dubbo, DCL are expertly positioned on a major freight line between Brisbane and Melbourne allowing prime access to promptly supply hardware to projects across all of the major cities and regional areas on the Australian eastern seaboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are DCL?

DCL have sales offices in Sydney and Canberra and a warehouse, admin and workshop in Dubbo, NSW.

Where do DCL service?

Simply put, DCL supply to wherever the project is, across Australia.

Are DCL licensed to supply directly from the complete range of Door Hardware manufacturers?

Yes. DCL deal only directly with the leading door hardware manufacturers and do secure competitive rates from these brands which include Dormakaba, Assa Abloy, Lockwood, Allegion and the Australian Lock Company.

How long have DCL been supplying Door Hardware and how experienced are their current staff in these roles?

DCL has been supplying door hardware to projects for 20 years with staff having decades of experience and several key staff fulfilling these roles for the 20 year duration with DCL.

Can DCL do a large scale site wide Restricted Master Keying system in Sydney or Melbourne?

Yes. DCL have the experience and capability to design and construct new Master Key systems and utilising DCL’s staff and (where required) trusted sub-contractors in these areas, can also install them.

Do DCL service federal and state government departments and buildings?

Yes, because DCL have SCEC Endorsed Locksmiths (including SCEC Approved with AGSV NV2 Level Clearance) based in the ACT specifically to service all Commonwealth Government departments and buildings.

Why should DCL be preferred to other ‘Aboriginal’ or Supply Nation Certified’ or ‘Supply Nation Registered’ businesses?

DCL is Supply Nation Certified which means that the business has been certified to be a majority Aboriginal owned and managed business as opposed to the lesser ‘Registered’ which means that the Aboriginal level of ownership is not the majority. This means that a ‘Certified’ Aboriginal business is always the better option for real Aboriginal business procurement. However, in the project door hardware supply and Locksmith services industries, DCL are the only Supply Nation Certified business in Australia that are independently owned and that were Aboriginal owned prior to the establishment of Supply Nation. Therefore, DCL do not have a non-Aboriginal business partner as it has its own licenses and accounts with the leading door and security hardware manufacturers. This assures builders and construction companies that the warranties for all door hardware product purchased with DCL are with DCL alone and not a third party and that better value is offered as there are no third party mark-ups.

Can DCL supply to the builder or construction company’s preferred door manufacturer on large projects and will these door hardware purchases with DCL still count towards Aboriginal business spend on the project?

Yes. DCL can supply its Locksmithing or Project Hardware services directly to the builder or to the builder/construction company via their preferred door manufacturer. For example, if the procured door manufacturer purchases the door hardware or automatic doors from DCL Locksmiths & Security, then DCL would be in the supply chain (Tier 2) and this spend will count towards the any government mandates (e.g. NSW Aboriginal Participation in Construction Policy or APIC) or company targets for Aboriginal business spend.

Are DCL Indigenous staffed?

Yes. Including the Owner and Director, currently over 30% of DCL staff identify as either Warramungu or Wiradjuri.

What percentage of DCL is Aboriginal owned?

80%. The remaining share is owned by Senior DCL staff.

How long has DCL been Aboriginal owned?

Since 2002